Red or Blue?

The age old question of which Club Colour is Best and does any of them give you an advantage...RED vs BLUE.

This can become very important when Designing your Custom Made Soccer Balls.

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I have read several studies and experiments on Colours in Sport and there was one in particular that I found fascinating and would like to share with you.

Red is widely perceived as Powerful, Dominate, Physical and Aggressive.

Blue is widely perceived as the opposite. Cool, Calm logic and effective.

Is one of them more Successful than the other?

Now this study looked at the results that came when these 2 colours went head to head in a wide variety of sports.

They looked at Boxing in the Olympics where each Boxer is randomly assigned a Blue or Red Corner and Gloves. You would assume the results would be around 50/50 however, there was a significant pattern that showed the RED corner with more frequent wins.

The study concluded that when 2 competitors of equal ability fort, the RED corner would win more times than not. The Reason being that RED is seen as the more dominate colour by both competitors and even possibly the referee.

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When you turn to the past winners of the EPL over the past 26 years you see the same trend of Red winning over Blue. 16 out of the last 26 titles astonishing 62%. Even more astonishing when you considering only 13 of the 49 teams that have competed in the EPL have wore Red.

In saying that though, have the tables turned. The past 5 EPL titles have been won by Blue Dominated Clubs. Is that because there are nearly double the amount of blue teams then red or does it have something to do with the cool, calm and collected influence of the Blue colours.

I'll leave you on this bombshell...In the World Cup, there have been 10 Blue Winners, including the currect Holders France, compared to 1 that have worn Red in Spain.

Would love to hear which one you prefer?

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