10 Secrets to Grow Your Club

Gone are the days where kids play for their Local Suburb or Closet Club. Now it is all about Who is the most successful club or Who has the most successful image?

Thre is a reason why Manchester United have a lot of fans that have never even been to Manchester....Success brings the crowds.

To Stand out from the crowd, your image needs to exceed all others. Jumpers for Goal posts is no longer acceptable for a lot of a lot of parents. Here are 10 ways to attract new players, increase your clubs image and become successful:


Training Soccer Ball with Sponsor Logo
Training Ball with Club Logo
  1. Social Media - With the rise of Social Media and the accessibility to the internet, to not have someone in charge of your clubs Social Media is suicide and has the appearance that your clubs is stuck in the past.

  2. Professional Image - This is the number 1 reason why kids don't play for their local clubs. A lick of paint to the club house, freshly mowed fields and updated training equipment can change a clubs reputation.

  3. New Equipment - Have you driven passed a playing field on an afternoon and seen a Junior Training Session kicking soccer balls of all different ages and colours. If this is someones first impression, it could be disastrous. Outdated Equipment and Training balls gives a bad first impression. Alternatively, a sea of Unified Training Balls with the Clubs logo on has the ultimate professional vibe.

  4. Target Local players - Every Clubs strongest asset is their local community. Engage with your local community to boost the profile of the club and gain support. Advertising at your local schools, in local businesses and on community boards is essential.

  5. Contact Local Businesses - Reach out to Local business to help support the club. This is mutually beneficial to both parties. The local business will increase their reputation and business opportunities as they are seen in helping the local community. The club will generally receive a donation and they appear more successful with the backing of each new business that comes on board.

  6. Money streams - You may be relying on Player registrations, canteen revenue and the odd sponsorship to fund your club. The Playing Shirt Chest sponsor and signs around the ground are 2 popular ways of revenue raising but have you thought where else might be valuable? How about a sponsor logo on a Training Balls? At Custom Soccer Balls Australia, they can add a sponsor logo as well the club logo on your training balls.

  7. Create Value for Money - Player Registrations can be expensive these days and that is why it is so important to be different and add value. I have seen some clubs give their juniors a soccer ball with registration, others have provide personlised shirts with the kids name on the back.

  8. Club Database - The whole world has moved online so that is how your club should be contacting it's database. If you don't have a list of emails then you should start collecting them with every registration. Keep in regular contact with your database so they can see what you are up to.

  9. Club Merchandise - Club Merchandise provides 3 main benefits for a club. Firstly, it is a source of revenue for your club, secondly it yells professionalism, and third it increases loyalty with the club and improves the clubs image everything your club logo is seen in public.

  10. Improve Soccer - It's not always easy to have the best coaches at Junior level because most of these are parents helping out. What clubs can do though is hire professionals to run summer or school holiday coaching clinics and be seen as actively trying to improve the kids soccer abilities.

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