Branded Balls vs Custom Made Balls

Brands vs Custom Made


We are regularly asked about what branded soccer balls are the best and what are the main differences between the different branded balls and also custom made balls.

I will start with talking about the branded balls. There are only 2 big players that you want to consider in this field and they are Nike and Adidas. The main reason for this is that they both have innovation and testing centres for soccer ball developments. They pour millions of dollars into these centres and hence why they are the leading brands in the industry.

Nike's Newest Innovation Ball

If you are buying branding then I think it is safe to say that these 2 brands will always be leading the way with technology and innovative balls.

To pick a better brand is like picking a mattress, everyone is going to like something slightly different. I am a traditionalist so like the 32 panelled buckminster ball that is a consistent performer each and every time. Both Nike and Adidas supply these 32 panel balls but technology is allowing them to develop rounder balls which use less panels as low as 6 panels.

This has caused some controversy especailly with the Jabulani ball at the 2010 World Cup. They used 8 panels, made it lighter, rounder and more streamlined with grip and groove technology. However, the ball performance was inconsistent and unpredictable especially when hit with any power making it hard for players and incredibly difficult for Goalkeepers.

Technology is changing all the time and with that so are soccer balls with indifferent results. No doubt these balls will get better but for consistancy of flight and performance you have to go a 32 panel ball and both brands are as good as each other.


Now the other common problem that we come across regularly is that with many brands providing similar quality balls, the importance than becomes on what design and colours the balls come in.

This is where the Custom Made or Design Your Own Soccer Ball facility is a much better option. Custom Made Soccer Balls are generally made with the same materials and in the same way and sometimes in the same factory as the bigger brands.

You can get a great range of Designs, Colours and personalise these balls with club logo or text and any good Custom Made Soccer Ball Company like

Soccer Ball Desinger App

Downside to custom made balls is that they can take between 3-4 weeks to arrive as each order is customised to each individual customers designs and colours and this takes time.

That is one of the big reasons that Nike and Adidas have stayed away from customising their gear as it costs time and money. It makes sense for them to make 1 production line of 500,000 balls with the same designs and colours than to make 5,000 production lines of 100 balls each with a different designs, colours and logos.

However, at that is exactly what they do. They offer each customer an opportunity to design a completely unique ball for their club or themselves. Choose from a range of designs, select your colours and add your logo, text or image to the ball to make it completely unique to you.

Have a play around with the app here

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